Floor Cleaning

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Our floor cleaning processes involve specialized deep scrubbing methods to remove dirt, scuffs, soil, and buildup of other residues.

Your home deserves a personalized hard surface floor cleaning solution which caters to the unique needs of both you and your floors. Low-moisture floor cleaning methods and rapid drying times eliminate the need to avoid your floors or leave your home.

Whether you have hardwood, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, or concrete in your home, our floor cleaning specialists will bring back the luster of your floors and make them look great again.

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Our Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Services

  • Hardwood Floor Cleaning

    Our hardwood floor cleaning techniques involve deep scrubbing equipment which extracts the dirt and grime hiding below the surface and in the cracks of your hadwood floors. We can also apply a protective coating over your hardwood floors to extend the life of the floors, fill shallow scratches and leave a glossy finish.  After a through hardwood floor cleaning, you're left with clean and polished hardwood floors –– not to mention cleaner household air with the dirt and grime removed.

  • Concrete Floors

    Planning to paint or use an epoxy coat on your concrete floors? If you're Tired of how dirty and dull your concrete floors are looking our professional floor cleaning solutions can get your floors for painting or an expoxy coat. We use cylindrical and rotary floor cleaning scrubbers to loosen the dirt and oil. Once the ground in dirt an oil is loosed, we use our truck mounted cleaning system and an enclosed pressure washing spinner to blast it away with hot water.

  • Vinyl, Linoleum, and Plank Fooring

    Vinyl, linoleum, and plank flooring is a popular choice because of their beautiful appearance and durability. Just like hardwood floors - dirt, soil, and grime gets trapped between the cracks leaving your floors dirty and dull. Our hard surface floor cleaning techniques include using the proper products and equipment whether you have linoleum, vinyl or luxury vinyl tiles or planks.

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Professional Floor Cleaning for Every Floor

Modern Cleaning Solutions is dedicated to providing professional floor cleaning for every floor. Hardwood floors, carpet cleaning, luxry vinyl and planks, tile and grout cleaning - it’s our mission to provide reliable and trustworthy expert cleaning services each and every time.

Floor Cleaning Pricing

Hard Surface Floors

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Floor Cleaning - $.50/Sq Ft

Floor Clean & Re-Coat $.90/Sq Ft

Tile & Grout

Cleaning Starts at $.45/Sq Ft

Laminate & Vinyl

Cleaning Starts $.40/Sq Ft

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